Monday, August 10, 2015

When In Doubt, Ken Whitman Goes Back To What Works

Kickstarter has shut Ken Whitman down from doing anymore kickstarters. Ken has tentatively sold off the fulfillment of his Pencil Dice kickstarter to Chessex. Troll Lords has taken back the failed Castles & Crusades TV Pilot kickstarter and is trying to turn that burning ship around. Jolly and Barb Blackburn are selling KoDT LAS props and collectibles on ebay trying to unfuck Ken's stone-cold refusal to actually deliver any of the stretch goals backers paid him for.

So what's a poor sociopath supposed to do? Living the Whitman lifestyle costs money, you know. It's not like he has an actual day job.

When you're Ken Whitman, you just cycle back around to scams and shady business practices that have worked before. Witness the classic Ken chicanery now being spam-bombed on every game industry Facebook group that hasn't caught on yet (click to enlarge):

That's right, folks. The man that ran RapidPOD into the ground and ripped off hundreds of game industry folks in the process, is going back into the Print on Demand business. Why do you care? Well, you could just google "Ken Whitman" and "RapidPOD" for more all-night reading and assorted Ken Whitman scamery... but here. Let me save you the trouble. Here are some of Ken's greatest Running a POD Business Hits!

Ken's former POD customers share their experiences:
Links to many more: