Friday, August 7, 2015

Keeping Track of Ken's Lies in Real Time

Ken actually popped up on the KoDT LAS kickstarter comments section to defend his name with some piping hot lies, exaggerations, and mistruths. Because Ken cares, he even threw in a few fresh lies! Get 'em while their hot right here:

Normally I would present a copiously annotated rebuttal of each lie told, but this time KoDT creator and unfortunate IP licensor Jolly Blackburn is already on the case. See his blow-by-blow dissection of Ken's never-give-up sociopathy right here:

BONUS: Stay tuned to the KoDT LAS kickstarter comments section. Ken is infamous for going berserk with rage on gaming forums and Facebook, then deleting the most heinous fits of anger later. Comments made on a kickstarter page however, cannot be deleted. This should be good...