Friday, August 7, 2015

...and the Ken Whitman Lies Just Keep On Rolling!

Told you today would be a good day for tracking the Lie Dispenser otherwise known as Ken Whitman. Sadly for Ken, he's losing his cool today in the comments section of the KoDT LAS kickstarter - where he cannot go back later and scrub out his ridiculous rants, like he does regularly on Facebook.

Ken Whitman's most recent lie asserts that Jolly Blackburn intentionally enticed backers to the after party that ZOE and Gen Con threw together at the last minute so that no one would show up to Ken's (click to enlarge).

Stop the presses though - Ken cancelled his own after party and only threw ANOTHER one together AFTER ZOE created their event out of charity. Ken even tried to coat tail ride his way into their event and failed.

Want proof? Ken may be able to delete his own posts from the KoDT LAS Facebook page, but he can't delete a screen cap taken on that day (click to enlarge):

In other words, first Ken cancelled the official KoDT LAS after party in a pique of rage on the Sunday before Gen Con. Then when ZOE and Gen Con (and others) all pitched in to create a replacement after party for the backers, Ken tried to horn into it (presumably to claim fulfillment of his contractual responsibilities to kickstarter and Kenzer Co.). Finally, when that attempt failed, in another fit of rage he scheduled a second after party at a local Indianapolis eatery. To which he sent invites to 6 people and no actors, production folks, or backers. Nice.

It sucks to be a sociopathic lie dispenser when folks are keeping an eye on what you say and what you do, doesn't it Whitman?