Monday, June 8, 2015

Want to see one guy with diagnosable psych conditions motivate another? The only thing missing from this video is a cameo by Charlie Sheen. You cannot make this stuff up, folks...

Give your money to a Ken Whitman or d20Entertainment project at your own peril. He'll get right to your project as soon as he's done shooting his own insane motivational movies or posting memes on Facebook.

BONUS VIDEO: Not since former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has there been a more clueless fat man trying to vamp for the camera in a socially awkward way...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Please enjoy these memes spotlighting one of the biggest scam artists working in the gaming industry today. For further (and less humorous) information about the long, sad history of Ken Whitman and the folks he has bilked out of money, google the search terms "Ken Whitman" "Rapid POD" and "d20Entertainment"

It may just save you some money and frustration in the future!