Monday, August 3, 2015

The Annotated Ken Whitman Lie Chart

(See annotations below)

Annotated Ken Whitman Lies (post Gen Con Edition)

1. Sociopaths are by definition incapable of feeling remorse (or even learning from past experience), as those that have been following Kengate from the beginning are no doubt aware.

2. (See annotation 1.) True sorrow might have inclined Ken to stick around and answer questions from the backers of his failed multiple kickstarters, like when they could expect refunds or recompense for their undelivered d20 Entertainment products. Also, a truly sorrowful Ken would've probably shown up to the business sit-down he had scheduled with the CEO of a certain IP he licensed to discuss his multiple contract violations. But no, he disappeared and blew it off.

3. According to Gen Con staff, they were concerned about a confrontation from a group of backers from the failed Pencil Dice kickstarter Ken/d20 Entertainment had failed to deliver on because (by Ken's own admission) he took part of their kickstarter funds and spent it elsewhere. Note: concern for the status of your backer goods IS NOT A DEATH THREAT.

4. "we had a great time" infers that Ken had anything to do with an after party that he cancelled, ZOE, Gen Con, Mikey Mason, and Kenzer organized afterwards, and that Ken then scheduled a last-minute competing party against. Ken's second after party never even happened, because he reserved space with a bad credit card and they cancelled the venue.

5. Yeah, we'll all be waiting with baited breath for that half-ass never-happen video production too (that you paid Mikey Mason zero dollars for the rights to). 

6. Again, completely feigned sociopathic nonsense. Any genuine thanks would and should be for the unearned patience all involved exhibited throughout the entirety of Ken's sordid grifting scheme to take backer dollars and use them to support his own personal living, travel, and vacation expenses. I mean come on... who looks at $69,000 of backer money and says, "I know! I'll go buy a Chrysler 300 so I can look like a movie producer"?

7. The oldest and most consistent Ken lie of them all - that he has any interest in this project beyond feigning enough progress to enable him to go scam more money to live on from more industry names and gullible gamers. 

8. Hugs and kisses? I wouldn't even let you blow my dead german shepherd you conscienceless fat fuck.

More on this as developments happen and Ken continues to try and spin his way out of the self-created career crater he's now living in.