Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ken Whitman Tries To Sell Off Broken Pencil Dice Kickstarter

Look what we have here - a copy of an email that Ken Whitman has sent to several game industry folks, trying to sell off his broke Pencil Dice kickstarter (see attached pic below) and get out from under his legal and ethical responsibilities of fulfilling it.

Ken's quite the salesman, as always. For the low, low price of just $10 you can assume $10,000 of debt, my destroyed reputation, and a pissed-off customer base! Act Today!

The Pencil Dice and RPG Pencil Dice kickstarter backers have of course been told many times that their products are in various stages of already ordered and already shipping over the last few months. A few of the more ambitious backers contacted the Chinese manufacturers directly and found out that they had not printed any pencils - nor would they - until they received the money to do so. Shortly after that, Ken asked the Chinese company to refer all requests back to him, cutting backers off from even that level of actual information.

The above email is a gift to them.