Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Proof Is In the Off-Putting

Well here it is — September 1st, and Ken Whitman's latest BIG LIE has hit its own self-imposed deadline. According to Ken, backers of the KoDT LAS kickstarter were to receive their DVDs (or Blue Rays), cover books, posters, and other assorted stretch goal goods "by the end of August."

And of course, all any of us have got is bupkis. Nada. Zero.

Even Ken's usual passive-agressive bullshit excuses have run out of gas. The latest one going around is that it's all Dave Kenzer's and Jolly Blackburn's fault for not letting Ken sell his shitty POD cover books at the Kenzer Gen Con booth, when he should have just printed a few of those up and sent them to the backers who already paid for them. Ken's also raging and taking personal swipes at Jolly, accusing Jolly of destroying his reputation. Right... Jolly destroyed Ken's rep. I think maybe 6 failed kickstarters in a row and a 20-year history of scammed gamers might have beaten him to it.

Can you say anti-social personality disorder? I knew you could...