Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ken Whitman Copy and Paste-Dates Backers

Ever a model of efficiency of actual effort, Ken Whitman finally interrupted his Facebook meme posting long enough to update kickstarter backers today — all of them, on every project. And by all of them on every project, we mean all of them on every project with the exact same generic non-update that was copy and pasted from one project to the other (with only the project names changed).

Check out these two identical updates from the KoDT LAS and Pencil Dice kickstarters...

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Since even cutting and pasting the same non-update into 6 or 7 kickstarters is about 15 whole minutes more work than Ken typically spends on his backers when he's login lurking on kickstarter, one has to wonder why the sudden burst of faux-effort?

Students of the The Ken Whitman Method of living a job-free existence will quickly and correctly surmise that Ken is out scamming for more investment pigeons and run-of-the-mill vaporware sales in his various online outlets (see post below this one for more on that). Thus the sudden need to try and paint 6 failed kickstarters full of rightly outraged victims who are out over $169k with a nice fresh coat of bullshit and obfuscation. Word around the industry campfire is already out that Chessex finally turned down Ken's deal-of-a-lifetime to pay him to take on the Pencil Dice debt and kickstarter fulfillment, so of course he's now growing ever more desperate in his measures to solicit next month's standard of living funds.

Truly concerned individuals would be better off saving any funds they might send Ken Whitman now to help him out later, when this all ends with Ken in jail or a psych ward or both.