Monday, September 14, 2015

All Ken Whitman's Hopes Are Nopes

Well today was a busy day for Ken Whitman. He's been all over facebook and kickstarter posting memes and faux-updates. He certainly seems to be trying to accomplish something today. Not actual work on any of his failed projects, mind you... but something's got under his saddle today. Could it be the attentions of a reporter from Fast Company magazine? Notices from kickstarter staff? The very public and recent news story of another infamous kickstarter fraud being court ordered to make restitution?

Who knows? About the only certain thing is that all of Ken Whitman's hopes are nopes. Let's take it from the top with Ken's "update" to backers of his KODT LAS kickstarter...

(click to enlarge)

NOPE. All Ken did here was post the exact same video footage he gave backers access to 6 months ago, 5 minutes short of the promised 22 minute episode, and complete with typo-ridden end credits. He further admitted that he lied about burning "20 DVDs a day" back in August, and that shipping would commence "at the end of August, exactly as we promised." For a quick refresher on just how many BIG LIES Ken told in July just before Gen Con, we suggest newer readers check our Ken Whitman Lie Detector video from that time.

Next up was this post from Ken's Facebook page:

NOPE. Ken Whitman is not printing high end art books and posters (at least not with the ancient printer pictured on his Sidekick Publishing facebook page), nor has Ken EVER printed high end books. His former printing business Rapid POD was infamous for books that fell apart or were misprinted outright. The spare few KODT cover books (about 20) that he gave Jolly Blackburn prior to Gary Con this year were his absolute best work, and that wasn't even Ken. Those books were online POD, and that was exactly the quality of the printing and binding.

Plus - check it out. Ken's Facebook post links to a new LinkedIn entry he created for himself. Apparently Ken also prints full-color "pliers"...

(click to enlarge)

Then there's Ken's insane social media image management. He changed his Facebook profile picture today to this (small children, those prone to seizures, and the easily frightened should scroll no further):

NOPE. Posing with a baby didn't even work for 1930s politicians, and Ken Whitman is definitely not pulling anything off here either. Not unless his intent was to depict how even a 1-year-old has better impulse control than a petulant man-baby scam artist dressed like an extra from 1 Million B.C. If that was the case, then well done Ken!

And finally, Ken responds via passive-agressive meme to the upset kickstarter backers who were somehow not impressed by his big update giving them access to the same broken video footage he gave them 6 months ago...

NOPE. It's accepted modern psychology that sociopaths are incapable of experiencing most of the emotions normal people experience - so technically Ken cannot love, not even himself. Which would be kind of sad if Ken's day job wasn't stealing thousands of dollars from gamers and their families via kickstarter, fake businesses, bad debt personal loans, and just general grifting. But that lifestyle is pretty much over now for Ken, at least in the game industry. Chessex deal? NOPE. Coming off well in a Fast Company article on kickstarter fraud? NOPE. Avoiding the court case that will inevitably arise from one of his many scams? NOPE.  All Ken Whitman's hopes are now nopes.